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Worker’s Comp: Who Really Benefits?

Sizzling LEO | 3:54 AM | 0 comments

There’s no doubt that being injured on the job can cause physical pain, but what many injured workers don’t realize is that workplace injuries can cause lasting effects that hang around long after the physical pain subsides. In fact, some injured workers may find that one injury in the workplace changes their lives forever. Many such workers go on to face mounting medical bills, job and income loss and even permanent disabilities that require lifelong care in a nursing facility.

Aren’t Workers Protected?

While it’s true that workers are supposed to be protected by compensation programs, the reality is that these programs are not perfect, and as a result, some injured workers are not able to benefit from them. Most workers compensation programs are underwritten by insurance companies, and this means that the insurance company ultimately decides the injured worker’s fate. Even if an injured worker’s supervisor and coworkers all back him or her in his or her injury claims, the insurance company can deny the claim, leaving the injured worker with little recourse. Liberty Mutual workers compensation is one of the larger insurance companies, and some injured workers have difficulty going through the claims process themselves, so it would be wise to get help with the process.

Why Claims Get Denied

The sad truth is, insurance companies are in business to make money, and as such, they often look for technical reasons to deny claims. For example, if an insurance policy states that injured workers will only be compensated for injuries that occur in the workplace, but an employee is injured while driving a company vehicle outside the workplace while on business, the insurance company may deny the injured worker’s claims. Using this tactic, insurance companies are often able to save money, but sadly, at the expense of injured people.

Delayed Claims

In addition, the insurance companies may also try to delay claims in order to keep from paying out. In some cases, worker’s compensation insurance companies have been known to delay claims for up to two years, all the while injured workers suffer. This practice is unethical, but as long as the insurance company can prove that it is still investigating a worker’s claim, then it is not illegal. Delayed claims by any insurer can be just as harsh as denied claims, as some delays can go on and on.

The Consequences of Denials and Delays

For injured workers, a claim denial or delay can be devastating, especially for injured workers who are no longer able to work. Without a job or a source of income, and while facing medical bills and household expenses, the pressures felt by injured workers who have been denied or had a claim delayed can seem insurmountable. In addition to the physical pain they might be in, injured workers in these situations may also experience a variety of mental and emotional complications, including depression, anxiety, insomnia and more. All of this can then lead to larger health problems, including high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you’ve been injured on the job and you’ve been denied compensation, or if you feel that your claim is being intentionally delayed by an insurance company or your employer, it’s important for you to partner with a worker’s compensation attorney for help. These attorneys will be able to investigate your claim and ensure that you are being treated properly and fairly. In many cases, just by partnering with an attorney, the insurance company that is handling your case will suddenly have a change of heart, and your claim will be processed, allowing you to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Kelly Kovacic keeps up to date with the latest information on workers compensation cases, and contributes articles for the legal community. Some people have suffered from issues related to denied or delayed Liberty Mutual workers compensation claims. The attorneys at Doyle Raizner in Houston are experts and have secured satisfactory settlements for many injured workers. The law forbids insurers from acting in bad faith toward their insured individual. But sometimes insurers do it anyway, therefore it is important to get the help you need to turn your situation around.


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