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What is Construction Law?

Sizzling LEO | 3:25 AM | 0 comments

The construction industry is an important part of virtually all sectors of America’s economy. From homes to businesses, construction professionals are needed to professionally build and maintain the structures that people dwell within, but if these structures aren’t completed or looked after properly, legal issues can result.

Construction Law

As a result of the potential for such issues, construction law has become a very important part of most people’s lives in America, even if they don’t realize it. Construction law deals with issues surrounding the construction industry, but it also affects homeowners, businesses and more. For instance, if you own a home and it has defects in its construction that may endanger you and your family, you may have a basis to sue the contractor who was involved in the home’s construction. In cases such as these, construction law acts as a protection for the rights of those who are or may become injured as a result of construction errors.

For Contractors

Construction law also acts as a protector of the rights of contractors. According to construction attorneys Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero, in some circumstances even though everything was done correctly in the process of building a home or business structure, a tenant may claim that workmanship on the part of a contractor resulted in injury (even if the injury was the fault of the tenant). In such cases, construction law professionals can examine the claims and determine if the tenant is being truthful, thus protecting the contractor.

How Construction Law is Used

Like other legal constructs, construction law cases typically play out before a judge and sometimes a jury. In other cases, however, a settlement may be made between a tenant and a contractor through the use of an attorney. Construction law cases often require experts to be used to determine whether any fault lies with any party involved, and thorough inspections must be done in order to prove this. Construction law may also pertain itself with other laws regarding safety on a particular job site or methods used by employees or a particular contractor when completing a building project.

Concerned About a Construction Project?

If you’re currently concerned about a building project that you think may have harmed you or your family, or if you’re concerned about protecting yourself against the possibility of injury due to a construction project, you may want to seek out the services of a construction lawyer. Construction lawyers are often the best professionals to partner with when faced with construction concerns, and these individuals can help you to find peace of mind during and after the work is done.

Beyond a Lawsuit

Construction lawyers can also help you to decide what legal terms need to be entered into a contract when building a new home or business. Construction lawyers can meet with you and your builder to give you a real-world view of the potential for dangers involved in such a contract, and your construction lawyer can also represent your interests during any negotiations.

Finally, if you’re planning to have any work done to your home or business, it would be a good idea to look into services offered by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau regarding the contractor or contractors you’re considering hiring. Keep in mind that a little bit of time spent researching may help you to avoid a costly legal battle in the future.

Katie Hewatt is a legal researcher and contributing author for Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero, a construction law attorney group consisting of David Canfield, John Madden, John Ruggiero, and Lily Abramchayev. The firm provides superior representation during contract formation, construction phases, and provides dispute resolution services. The firm is an advocate for small business and the construction industry but also represents other business such as, soft drink companies, retailers, and restaurants.

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